Our Story

United Bracelets was launched when a group of friends brainstormed an amazing idea. They noticed that people yearned for bracelets that embodied the Australian outdoor lifestyle, so they investigated further. What they discovered led them on a journey around the world and to the heart of South America. This is where our story begins!

While travelling through the rainforests and ancient cities of Peru, the founders uncovered a thriving network of artisans with unique abilities, skills, and materials. Equipped with this wisdom, they set out to create beautiful handmade bracelets. Using the finest thread, each bracelet is handmade, waterproof, and unique to the individual artist that created it.

Fast forward to today and United Bracelets stocks an ever-expanding range of handmade bracelets and personalised jewellery. Imagine being able to wear your very own name necklace, bracelet, or ring. All our personalised jewellery is handmade in solid sterling silver and designed to last a lifetime!

United Bracelets seeks to inspire, guide, and motivate you to live a kind, compassionate, and fulfilling life. We encourage you to get involved with your community and live a life as colourful as our bracelets. Together, we can help unite the world one bracelet at a time.

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